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This blog is a celebration  of the wonderful art inspired by George R R Martin’s “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series – also known as “A Game Of Thrones.” VisionSOIAF will gradually build up to be a very large list of artists, with links and samples of their art. I add new artists almost every day, that’s dozens of new pictures every week – so keep coming back!

The posts are divided into three galleries & two other categories. You can access these via the menu in the right sidebar, or by the page tabs at the top.

      • About – A little about the site and about me
      • The ArtistsAn alphabetical list of all the names of all the artists featured so far, with links to the post featuring that artist. Updated after every post.
      • Official ArtistsPosts, samples and links for artists who’s work includes work commissioned for an official product (such as book covers, card art, internal illustrations etc.) Please note that not all of the SOIAF works by these artists are necessarily official.
      • Fan Artists ~ Galleries  Work by artists who may or may not be professional, but their work is of high standard. These artist have more than one ASOIAF related images so their work is presented in gallery form.
      • Fan Artists ~Single Images  For exhibiting “one off” fan works by artists who’s galleries only contain one image commissioned for or inspired by the ASOIAF series
      • News & Chat  This page includes any news and announcements about this blog, and gives you a place to post general suggestions and feedback.
      • Update Summaries  Every week or two I will add a brief summary of what has been added, in order to make it easier to catch up.
      • Links Sites related to GRRM and his work, SOIAF/GOT sites and amazing art galleries.


SEARCH ~ To find specific images look through the list of tags in the dark bar at the bottom of the page, then click on the one you want. This will lead you to a post containing an image with that tag. (You may not see that actual image till you open the post)

Fans of the TV series “Game of Thrones” can see images inspired by actors and/or scenes from that series by clicking on the tag:- HBO Series


A preview sampler of some of the wonderful art I will be sharing with you.

Please note – The images I will be sharing in individual posts will be thumbnails that will link to images of a higher resolution than those shown here

MATURE CONTENT WARNING: Some images may contain mild nudity

4 thoughts on “VisionSOIAF – Home”

  1. I’ve added your blog as a recommendation on my Facebook page. I’m a fan of Martin’s and also a fan of your page.

  2. DirewolfDel said:

    Very beautiful, but please who are the two ladies?

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