It seems I may need to change my name to Jude The Not So Obscure After All. I have had an amazing amount of positive feedback, and over half the artists I have contacted have agreed to allow me to share their work. Also, the folks at Winterfell on Deviant art have given me a very welcome plug, which had an enormous effect on site stats.

I’ve been feeling my way so far, and adjusting to how things are working out. I’ve made several changes – some minor tweaks, and some major (including a couple of new pages.)Any suggestions would be very welcome.

At the moment I am only posting samples of most peoples work, because of the sheer number of images I will eventually post here. If you want me to change this policy, then please let me know.

I’ve struck a few ASOIAF art collections in various places round the net, but there are two things that make this site different. Firstly I will only post art with the permission of the artist. Secondly I want to keep copyright issues very clear. With this in mind I have contacted Fantasy Flight Games, and Green Ronin Publishing asking them to allow me to continue to share work under their copyright.  Watch this sapce for the result! I am waiting on these agreements to post several artists work.

Finally – many, many thanks to all of you who have encouraged me so much – artists and viewers alike.

Jude The Obscure (VisionSOIAF)