Woohoo! Visions Of Ice And Fire has now got 100 artists, and 300 works of art – a double landmark!  I’m off to have a small celebration.

I’ve only got the letter G on my list – so the site is going to be HUGE! I’ve been surprised and immensely pleased by the response I’ve got from the artists. Over 80% of those I’ve contacted have replied – and I haven’t had a single refusal. As well as that, they’ve given me a lot of positive feedback – lots of nice compliments about how the site looks and runs, plus encouraging comments about the artwork as well. I’ve also had people telling me that the various art has inspired them … which is neat because that was the whole idea!

It has been a long haul to get this far, but it is getting much easier. I’ve almost got the WordPress formatting and graphics issues solved, and I’ve worked out a system to keep the process of contacting artists under control. The more encouragement I get, the more energy I have to keep improving the site.

The idea of a AGOT/ASOIAF art site that asks permission before posting art, gives full credit and encourages people to visit the artists own galleries seems to have surprised a lot of people – which says something very sad about how much art theft is going on around the net.

Hopefully the next big celebration will be when Fantasy Flight Games and Green Ronin finally deign to answer my letters, and maybe even give me permission to share work under their copyright. So many official artists have agreed, and it’s frustrating I can’t share their work yet.  I’m not sure why FFG and GR are turning down the chance for a bit of free advertising – but maybe they don’t think that small 😦

So many, many, many thanks for the support and encouragement. Keep looking at the art, keep the compliments and encouragement to the artist up, keep letting me know if I’ve missed someone good and keep coming back!