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I’ve seen a few ASOIAF collections in various places around the net, but I noticed problems with just about all of them. This site was created as a place where you can easily find high quality A Song Of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones inspired art; but it aims to do other things as well.


* Giving Credit:  Clear, easy to find note telling you who the artist is

* Copyright and Permission:  Every picture on this site is posted with permission, and with a clear note about who owns the copyright.  Oppose Art Theft! Respect the effort, skill and creativity of artists, and don’t steal their work

* Making it easy to find an image:  Each post has tags for every image displayed in the post.  The tags only refer to the subjects in the pictures – not to style, or medium used. The aim was to keep it simple, and make it easy to find images of each subject.

* Making it easy to find an artist:  The posts are all under the name of the artist, and the pictures are arranged by artist rather than by subject. The artists index has the artists listed alphabetically by last names, and where appropriate by internet IDs as well.

* Making it easy to find other work by the artist: Each post has clear links to the artist’s galleries, blogs, Tumblrs etc


I have no training it art, and my own artistic skills are limited to photography, photomanipulation, creating headers etc and arranging web pages. I’ve chosen images that strike me as being made with a high level of skill and/or creativity and expressiveness.   I’ve been pleased to find out my judgement must be ok.  A big majority of the images I’ve collected and chased down turn out to be by professional artists or art students. I’ve often seen the other images in other people’s collections or lists of great ASOIAF art.  I’ve tried to cover as wide a range of styles as I can.

Due to copyright issues I can only include art that uses screen shots from the HBO series “Game of Thrones” as references, not as an actual part of a photomanipulation or other image.



I’m Jude or Judy (Judith only when I’m in trouble or sitting an exam!) I’m a kiwi – a New Zealander born and bred, but I married an Englishman and I’ve been living over here for a couple of decades now. I’m not going to tell you my age … but it’s safe to say I qualify as middle aged (sigh) but in many ways I don’t think I’ve ever grown up.

I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I don’t read books – I devour them (even before I went to school I was like this). Some of my favourite books have literally become old friends to me. I’ve been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since the age of four.  I’ve also been a fan of medieval history, and I adore clambering over a ruined castle, or poking round a medieval pub. I also bore people by spending far too much time looking at arms and armour. I dabble in a bit of folk lore and mythology as well. So as you can guess, ASOIAF could have been written with me in mind!

My background is in medicine, but illness cut that short. I’m also a folk musicina, but illness stopped that as well. I want to keep my mind busy when I can – and to do something constructive. Nobody is paying me – I do this for love. I’ve chosen a platform that does have its quirks, but it’s free, it allows me to customise the design, and it lets me uploads lots of pictures. I have no absolutely no training in writing HTML, and my only experience has been in building and running a couple of D&D fan sites. So don’t judge me too harshly when I muck it up. Also don’t be surprised if some weeks I do very little – I’m on my own and my health comes and goes.

Here’s me – and a little “proof” that not all kiwis are flightless birds

Figure and background – my own photography. Go HERE for the full credits for stock used to create the flying kiwi.


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