Update Summaries

This is going to be a very large collection. I will be eventually contacting well over 200 artists, I am adding several new artists per week, and I am also adding new work to artists already featured here.

It is going to become increasingly difficult for those who want to keep an eye on this collection to know what has been added since they last looked. I’ve decided to make it easier for you by setting up this page. I will summarise updates every so often, putting the most recent changes at the top of the list.

SEPT 3 – SEPT 20

Image(s) Added To:  AniaEm, Celyanae, Enife, guad, Algesiras, CelestialFrost, Mike Caprotti

Official Artists:

Fan Artists ~ Galleries:  Salba Combe, guad, Tom Gateley, Eeren, Jacqui Davis, Adams Rebouças Pinto, ArgosArt ~ Sonia, Cecilia Latella, Jon O’mara Yuen Harrison, Douglas Holgate, Matt Hubel, Virginia Hilton, Mihajlo Dimitrovski, Michael C. Hayes, Robert Hendrickson, hachiko, John Aslarona, Atramina, Rafaela Rebouças

Fan Artists ~ Single images:  Auden Grimstadt, Jeremy Fenske, Calvin Clyke, Jessica Stein, D. Joseph, Olaya Valle, Rosaria Battiloro, redqueenself, Scott Blair, JoelleJen Renholder, Ben Hughes, HamletMachine, Stefan Hörcsöky, Jeremy Hannigan, hever, hard-mode, Elizabeth Hildick, Curry, Aethalia, Janel Houlihan, Szilvia Huszár


AUGUST O2 – 10

Official Artists:  Jenny Dolfen, Mike Caprotti, Roman Papsuev

Fan Artists:  Mathia Arkoniel, Martina Cecilia, akizhao, Matteo Bocci, Ammotu, Aneke, Carrie Best, Bodach

Single Images:  Eshva, labaiute, Richard Anderson, Paulo Henrique Brasil, blood-pleasures, Donna Brown, Irma Ahmed


AUGUST 11 – 21

Image(s) Added To:  labaiute, Sharksden, Ana Belcic

Official Artists: Enrique Jiménez Corominas

Fan Artists ~ Galleries:  SharksDen, Rafael Caravaca, Alicia De Andres, CaelestisTrucido, Anday, Sam Bosma, Niña Cayaban, Kali Ciesemier, Cloudninja9, Brokensicario, Ester Salguero, Enife, Algesirus, Shijun Xu

Fan Artists ~ Single images:  John Clementi, Medhi Chiggour, Celynae, Alicechan, David Cabrera, David Bovey, Alejandro Blasco, Alvaro Calvo Escudero, Ville Ericsson. Rene Aigner,  Evolvana, Jennifer Bach, AK, Diana Elefteridis, Nathan Bachelder



Image(s) Added To:  blood-pleasures, AniaEm

Official Artists:

Fan Artists ~ Galleries:  7Narwen, Clairelyxa, Jaume Cullell, Burt Durand, Aniera Davies, AniaEm,  Casey Parris, dubugomdori, Davi Blight, Cory Breen, Jessica Divers, elleneth, Xavier Garcia, Grant Gould, Mandi Johnson Grant

Fan Artists ~ Single images:  Jared Blando, Rebekie Bennington, Dan Aragon, Becca Whitaker, Santi Casas, Harout Demirchyan,  Celestial Frost, Christoforos Boukouvalas, Engelszorn, Frankie Ramage, Jorg Ruber,  Henrique Foca, C David Doane, Alquier Fabien, Phil Giarrusso, Euclase, Bevin Fitzgerald, Walid Feghali, Dave Greco, Kurt Floyd


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